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Quiz of 2015


Which UK newspaper reinstated a long-running feature after other UK papers reported its demise after it had been missing for a couple of days in January?


In Feb, a shortlist of 100 people was announced for a one-way mission to colonize which extra-terrestrial body?


Who beat New Zealand to win the 2015 Cricket World Cup on 29th March?


In April, Clare Balding opted to present coverage of the Boat Race rather than the Grand National. What first for the Women's Boat Race made this year's event historic?


On 2nd May, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born - where is she in the line of succession for the throne?


What scientific device woke up on 13th June for 85 seconds, having fallen asleep on 15th November 2014?


In July, which country became the first advanced economy to miss a payment to the International Monetary Fund, since its formation in 1945?


One of this year's celebrity deaths was Priscilla Maria Veronica White - a singer, TV presenter and actress, by what stage name was she better known?


Queen Elizabeth II became Britain's longest-serving monarch in September, but she's not the world's longest-serving monarch currently - where is Rama IX king?


The plastic carrier bag charge was introduced in England this October - which of these items could a retailer not give you a free bag with - a live goldfish, seven potatoes, 11 screws in an assortment of sizes or an axe?


With the release of Spectre this November, in how many James Bond films has Daniel Craig played the spy?


In December, Great Britain beat Belgium in the final of the Davis Cup - to the nearest 10 years, how long is it since Great Britain last won?


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