8th April 2016

News & Current Affairs

  1. Where was Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson Prime Minister until he resigned this week, in light of the Mossack Fonesca papers which were leaked?
  2. Which company has paid out $10m after a 2014 claim that its vetting process was better than the systems traditional minicab firms used?
  3. Jyn Erso appeared as the lead character in a trailer for Rogue One, set before Episode IV of which series of films?
  4. Which supermarket has decided to end its famous Brand Match scheme in three weeks' time?
  5. Published in 1623, a copy of the first collected works of which British playwright have been found on the Scottish Isle of Bute?
  6. Which body replaced the League of Nations, which had its last meeting on 8th April 1946?

Country of the Week: Mexico

  1. Which are the three main colours on the flag of Mexico?
  2. Which currency is used in Mexico?
  3. Which player became the first Mexican to play for Manchester United when he stepped in for Wayne Rooney against Newcastle United in 2010?

This week's quiz is brought to you by the letter P:

  1. Which is the only country with P as the second letter of its name?
  2. Beginning with P, which fictional rabbit has sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail?
  3. What does the P stand for in the computing acronyms FTP, HTTP and DHCP?

Lucky Dip

  1. Which sold for more: the most expensive car ever auctioned, or the most expensive watch?
  2. Which song, one of 2013's best-selling, contains the lyrics "I'm gonna pop some tags // Only got twenty dollars in my pocket"?
  3. Which is further north: Edinburgh or Glasgow?
  4. What type of food comes in the varieties conchiglie, farfalline and gigli?
  5. According to IMDB, who's shorter: Jim Carrey or Elijah Wood?

Name the signs of the zodiac from the clue given:

  1. The Tropic of ___________ is the circle of latitude marking the southernmost point where the sun can appear directly overhead
  2. Sounds like the name of a pop duo from Liverpool who came last in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest
  3. Surname of John, an English professional snooker player and co-presenter of Big Break alongside Jim Davidson

Name the link between the following:

  1. Which imperial unit of measurement is equal to 14 pounds?
  2. The American designer, manufacturer and marketer of women's premium lingerie is known as Victoria's what?
  3. What name is given to Amazon's ereader, first released in November 2011?
  4. Which mythical bird is also the capital of Arizona?


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