1st April 2016

News & Current Affairs

  1. Who will face West Indies at the final of the ICC World Twenty20 on Sunday afternoon?
  2. James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough encouraged people to stay away from A&E if they had stomach aches caused by eating one too many of what this week?
  3. In a UK first, Durham Police are looking to recruit which type of animal, stating "if it smells a rat we'll expect it to catch it"?
  4. Ronnie Corbett has died this week, aged 85 - how many candles did he try to sell in the famous sketch he performed with Ronnie Barker?
  5. Which restaurant has stated its intention to open 1250 outlets in China, where it is currently the second-largest fast food chain after KFC?
  6. Fought on April 1st, 1865, in which continent did the Battle of Five Forks take place?

Beginning with U...

  1. Which song contains the lyrics, "Someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak // Countless lovers under cover of the street"?
  2. Which sport's international governing body, the World Flying Disc Federation, was given recognition by the International Olympic Committee last summer?
  3. What is the first name of the only man to be awarded IAAF World Athlete of the Year five times?

Lucky Dip

  1. Which is not a novel featuring Hercule Poirot: Death on the Nile, Slaughter on the Great Wall or Murder on the Orient Express?
  2. By what name is the Great Bell better known, part of the Great Clock of Westminster, in Elizabeth Tower?
  3. Which competition was won in 2010 by Lena, in 2006 by Lordi and in 2012 by Loreen?
  4. Which chocolate brand does the UK spend most on each year, with around double the amount spent than on its nearest competitor?
  5. What age do you have to be to drink beer in Germany: neun, sechzehn oder einundzwanzig?

Name the series of books from the fictional places introduced:

  1. Rivendell, Bree, Hobitton
  2. Lantern Waste, Cair Paravel, White Witch's Castle, Spare Oom
  3. Little Whinging, Hogsmeade, Azkaban

Country of the Week: The Bahamas

  1. Which three of the following colours appear on the flag of the Bahamas: Aquamarine, Black, Gold, Indigo or Plum?
  2. Which country did The Bahamas gain independence from in 1975 (though they still have the same monarch)?
  3. Which has the smallest land area: The Bahamas, Switzerland or Tuvalu?

Name the link between the following: 21. Which brand of rum is named after a Welsh privateer who achieved the title of Captain at the age of 27? 22. Which job was held by Edmund Blackadder in Blackadder the Third and Jeeves in Jeeves and Wooster? 23. What name is given to the part of a hair, plant or tooth which is buried below the surface? 24. What was the first name of Mr. Walker, who presented Catchphrase from 1986 to 1999?

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