4th March 2016

News & Current Affairs

  1. Who finally won an Oscar this week, having received five nominations previously, and this time winning the Best Actor award for his part in The Revenant?
  2. How will electricity be generated in a floating farm on the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir, the largest of its kind to be built in Europe?
  3. Whose birthday are we being encouraged to clean for, with group cleaning events starting this weekend?
  4. Which company's driverless cars caused their first collision when it drove into a bus this week?
  5. Which social media company has restructured its business in a way that will see it paying more tax in the UK?
  6. What was the name of the colony founded by William Penn in English North America on 4th March 1681, and named in honour of his father?

Which David...

  1. ...played the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who?
  2. ...released the songs Space Oddity ('69), Life on Mars ('71) and Starman ('72)?
  3. ...played paleontologist Ross Geller in the sitcom Friends?

Country of the Week: South Africa

  1. How many colours appear on the flag of South Africa?
  2. Which is the largest city in South Africa?
  3. Which South African succeeded Jon Stewart in presenting Comedy Central's The Daily Show?

Lucky Dip

  1. What type of animal was Fernville Lord Digby, the most famous animal to appear in a Dulux advert?
  2. Narrowly beating Liverpool, which Premier League football team has the highest percentage of supporters from outside its local region?
  3. Which famous composer opened the first HMV store - Elgar, Handel or Tchaikovsky?
  4. How many edges does a twenty-pence coin have?
  5. Which Beatles song begins, "In the town where I was born // Lived a man who sailed to sea"?

Beginning with N...

  1. ...which noble gas emits a strong orange-red light when placed in a high-voltage field?
  2. ...which shade of blue features in the Crayola standard colour range (the only standard colour to begin with N)?
  3. ...which synthetic fibre was first produced by DuPont in 1935?

Name the link between the following:

  1. What are Tasmania, Corsica, Crete and Skye?
  2. What was the first name of Mr Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor who demonstrated the first working television in 1926?
  3. In the UK, which type of glass would you expect to hold either 25ml or 35ml?
  4. What is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as "The posterior extremity of an animal, ... either forming a distinct flexible appendage to the trunk, or being the continuation of the trunk itself"?

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