12th February 2016 - knowledge.fail

12th February 2016

News & Current Affairs

  1. How many celebrities have withdrawn from Channel 4's The Jump so far this year due to physical injury: 3, 5 or 7?
  2. The Grand Prix award at digital technology summit Netexplo was this year won by a prosthetic arm which offers attachments to which popular toy?
  3. Which of the following won't be presenting on Top Gear when it returns to BBC later this year: Matt Baker, Sabine Schmitz or Eddie Jordan?
  4. Given the choice, which has Chris Froome said he'd rather win: Tour de France or Olympics?
  5. At the Broadcast Awards on Wednesday, which station was named Channel of the Year, also winning best popular factual programme for The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds?
  6. Which country hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, which started on 12th Feb?

This week's country: Peru

  1. Which two colours appear on the flag of Peru?
  2. Which of Peru's official languages is spoken by 84.1% of the population?
  3. Which Peruvian bear is famous for his duffle coat and his love of marmalade?

Lucky Dip

  1. A major rival to Intel and Nvidia, by what name is Advanced Micro Devices better known?
  2. Which is higher: the number of sides on a nonagon or the number of balls in 8-ball pool (also known as spots and stripes)?
  3. Where would you be using if you dealt with acorns, leaves, hearts and bells?
  4. Which song, released in 1997, has the alternative title, "Love Theme from Titanic"?
  5. What is the main alcoholic drink in a Cosmopolitan cocktail (by volume)?

True or False?

  1. St Valentine is the patron saint of love, beekeeping and fainting.
  2. Valentines Day accounts for over a third of annual flower sales in the UK.
  3. In the US, Valentines Day sees the second highest level of card sales for a celebration, after Christmas.

Beginning with J...

  1. Which one-word band released Don't Stop Believing in 1981?
  2. In 2014, which was the second-most popular baby name in the UK, beaten only by Oliver?
  3. What is the surname of the former English rugby captain, who led the team to victory in the 2003 World Cup?

Name the link between the following:

  1. Which English word comes from the Greenlandic word qajaq, used to describe a type of small boat?
  2. In which year was the first website, info.cern.ch, published?
  3. Beginning with C, which model of car, made by Honda, fits in the size class between the Jazz and the Accord?
  4. Which publication, of French origin, is the world's best-selling fashion magazine?

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