25th December 2015 - knowledge.fail

25th December 2015

News & Current Affairs

  1. Which company have persuaded John Cleese to rewrite a scene from Fawlty Towers to create an advert which will see him beating the wrong car with a branch?
  2. Who urged his fans to buy Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir's "Bridge Over You" in the close race between the two for this year's Christmas No 1?
  3. Who tweeted the picture from her family's 2015 Christmas card, featuring her daughter North along with three other young relatives?
  4. What could have been mistaken as it passed low over France and Spain on Christmas Eve, with peake UK viewing time somewhere between 5pm - 6pm?
  5. Georgian prisoner Teona Kolbaia was released on parole following her appearance on which TV talent show?
  6. Which UK artist, born on Christmas Day 1971, claims her son Stanley wasn't named after her hit collaboration "Stan"?

Country of the week: Turkey

  1. Which colours appear on the flag of Turkey?
  2. What is the capital of Turkey?
  3. Born in what is now Turkey, who is the patron saint of children?

From which country do the following traditional treats originally come?

  1. Stollen
  2. Panettone
  3. Mince Pies

Lucky Dip

  1. In Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", which Christmas fare was Bob Cratchit stuck with until Scrooge replaced it with a turkey?
  2. Roughly how many times could you fit Christmas Island (Australian territory) into Lapland (Finland): 7.5, 75 or 750?
  3. In which series of Christmas films (1994, 2002, 2006) did the third film have the subtitle, "The Escape Clause"?
  4. What is the name of the poem by Clement C. Moore which starts with the line, "'Twas the night before Christmas", and introduces reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen?
  5. According to RoSPA, how many people are estimated to have visited A&E in the UK in 2002 after home accidents involving Christmas lights: 15, 350 or 2500?

This week's letter: O

  1. Which chemical element has the symbol O?
  2. Which ex-Premier League team has a name beginning with O?
  3. Which Shakespeare play has a name beginning with O?

Name the link between the following:

  1. Which word precedes Christmas to give the name of the best-selling single of all time (according to Guinness World Records)?
  2. What was the first name of Mr. Lewis, who opened a drapery shop in 1864 at 132 Oxford Street, London?
  3. According to Luke's gospel, what appeared to the shepherds to inform them of Jesus' birth?
  4. In the common phrase, which type of animal can't change its spots?


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