27th November 2015 - knowledge.fail

27th November 2015

News & Current Affairs

  1. The head of which online giant has successfully launched a flight into space this week?
  2. BBC have announced their intention to move which TV channel online from February?
  3. US scientists say they have bred a genetically modified mosquito resistant to which disease?
  4. It's been announced that the Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay will be demolished - which TV sitcom did it inspire?
  5. Which colour of book did John McDonnell quote from in Parliament this Wednesday?
  6. On 27th November 1895, which scientist wrote a will establishing awards in his own honour?

Which real-world Premier League teams are replaced by the following in Pro Evo Soccer 2016?

  1. Man Blue
  2. West Glamorgan City
  3. West Midlands Village

Country this week: The Netherlands

  1. Which three colours appear on the flag of the Netherlands?
  2. Which Dutch painter painted Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers and The Starry Night?
  3. Which two countries have borders that meet the Netherlands at the Drielandenpunt?

Lucky Dip

  1. Which BBC sitcom featured Mathew Horne and Joanna Page as a couple in a long-distance relationship?
  2. In which decade was the UK's first IKEA opened in Warrington?
  3. Which song (title and artist) included the lyrics, "One for the money and the free rides // It's two for the lie that you denied"?
  4. In computing, what does the V in VGA stand for?
  5. Which is furthest north: Dublin, Douglas or Manchester?

This week's letter: V

  1. Which sign of the zodiac begins with V?
  2. Name the Winter Olympics host city beginning with V.
  3. Which of Santa's reindeer has a name beginning with V?

Name the link between the following:

  1. Which ocean extends from Asia and Australia in the west to the Americas in the east?
  2. Which chemical element has the symbol Co?
  3. Which branch of the British Armed Forces got their final rum rations on 31st July 1970?
  4. Which band released the song Barbie Girl in 1997?


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