20th November 2015 - knowledge.fail

20th November 2015

News & Current Affairs

  1. Which precious stone has been found in Botswana, the largest of it's kind found in a century?
  2. Who's released a new entertainment system, Q, partly designed to rival Virgin Media's Tivo and BT's YouView?
  3. Bacteria resistant to the drug of last resort Colistin have been found in a study in which country?
  4. Which country opened a referendum this week which could see them replace their flag with one which doesn't contain the Union Flag?
  5. The skull of the animal that inspired which fictional character is to go on display in the Hunterian Museum in London?
  6. Who married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten on 20th November 1947 at Westminster Abbey in London?

Name the actor/actress who starred in all three films:

  1. Maid in Manhattan (2002), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Skyfall (2012)
  2. Driving Lessons (2006), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), Mama Mia! (2008),
  3. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Hot Fuzz (2007), Nativity! (2009)

Country of the week: Nepal

  1. Name the three colours on the flag of Nepal.
  2. What is the capital of Nepal?
  3. Which two large countries border Nepal?

Lucky Dip

  1. With "The Crown" and "Royal Oak" taking second and third place, which is the most popular name for a pub in England?
  2. Which song contains the lyrics "I like big butts and I can not lie // You other brothers can't deny"?
  3. Which is a kumquat most similar to in appearance: a banana, a lemon or an orange?
  4. Which company manufactures Sprite?
  5. Who is the oldest British Prime Minister still living?

This week's letter: D

  1. Which ex-Premier League team has a name beginning with D?
  2. Which US state begins with D?
  3. Which number is represented by the Roman numeral D?

Name the link between the following:

  1. Which character from the Where's Wally universe had a twin sister called Wenda?
  2. By what name is Brazilian footballer Frederico Chaves Guedes better known?
  3. Which name precedes Crocker to give a brand selling baking products such as cake mixes?
  4. Which named storm has been making its way around the UK this week?


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