23rd October 2015 - knowledge.fail

23rd October 2015

News & Current Affairs

  1. Mark Price is rumoured to be leaving which supermarket after 22 years to become the head of Channel 4?
  2. Which band upset Belfast fans with a last-minute cancellation of their concert this week?
  3. Which Premier League player has scored nine goals in nine games so far this season?
  4. Which time-travel based film adventured to Wed 21st Oct 2015?
  5. Which name hasn't made the list for potential UK & Ireland storm names this year?
    Desmond, Fiona, Frank or Imogen
  6. Apple released the iPod on 23rd October in which year?

Name the song and artist from the lyrics:

  1. "Standin' on your mama's porch // You told me it'd last forever"
  2. "A little bit of Jessica here I am // A little bit of you makes me your man"
  3. "That's a fact // It's a thing we can't deny // Like the fact that I will love you 'til I die"

Country of the Week: Suriname

  1. Which four colours appear on the flag of Suriname?
  2. What should you call someone from Suriname?
    Surinami, Surinamese or Surinamish
  3. Which is the largest country that borders Suriname?

Lucky Dip

  1. Which animal was not a passenger in the first hot air balloon flight?
    sheep, duck, pig or rooster
  2. If a month has a Friday 13th, which day did it start on?
  3. What would someone speaking Latin be eating if they had a "Pastillum botello fartum"?
    an apple, a hot dog or fried octopus
  4. Which is the highest prime number under 1000?
  5. Which actor played Manuel in Fawlty Towers?

This week's quiz is brought to you by the letter... P

  1. Which chemical element has the symbol P?
  2. Which ex-Premier League team begins with P?
  3. Which sign of the zodiac begins with P?

Name the link between the following:

  1. Say what you see (word):
  2. Almost five times as popular as the next name, what is the most common name used to sign up for a Facebook profile?
  3. Which Founding Father of the United States was a cousin of the second US President?
  4. In which year did Robert Hooke discover Jupiter's Great Red Spot?


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